Before I begin – part two

However, the following year we got a massive surprise and were treated to the best family holiday yet. In March 2008, I was fortunate enough to go on my first skiing trip to Alberta, Canada for just over a week. We stayed at Caribou Lodge & Spa which is located in Banff, a small town in Alberta’s rockies – west of Calgary and east of Lake Louise. The first night we arrived in Canada and were on our way to the lodge from Canadian Rockies International airport we had our first sighting of the Northern Lights, unfortunately was unable to get a picture as it was so unexpected and everything was packed away in our suitcases.

As it was mine and my brother’s first time skiing we were sent to ski school for three days at Sunshine Village.

Three days was plenty of time to learn the ropes of skiing, me and my brother were on blue squares straight away.

Apart from the skiing we also did some exploring along the way:

Despite going to Florida numerous times, I do not hesitate in saying that our vacation to Banff was by far the best yet.


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