Festival Season

6 years on and I still hadn’t been on holiday, mostly due to the fact I couldn’t afford it and my passport had long expired. So what was the next best thing? Festivals.

I went to Britain’s biggest two in Summer 2014; Glastonbury and Reading Festival. I say I couldn’t afford a vacation, yet these two festivals costed me on estimate around £800-£1,000 including ticket prices, travelling, camping gear, alcohol and other necessities…

When we arrived at Glastonbury we must have been walking for a good hour until we found a place to set up our tent etc, the downhill slope and aching backs was definitely worth the view we had though:


Unfortunately for me, the person whom I attended these major festivals with wasn’t into the same music as me and wasn’t a huge fan of late nights e.g. anything past 11pm was a no-go. However, 11pm at these festivals was where it all kicked off. I would give anything to go back to these events and be able to see what I missed out on.

Regardless I did enjoy my time here and tried my hardest to be happy with the early nights. Here are a few of the performers we saw:

Attending Glastonbury just the one time is most definitely not good enough, there is too much to see and do in such little time. Although, I know for a fact if I were to go again I would 100% not go camping again and perhaps opt for a caravan or even the ti-pi’s they have.

When people say Glasto is the muddiest festival they have ever been to, you best believe it and embrace it!




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